Athletic Schedule (Jan. 26th-Jan. 31st)

Date/Contests                                         Time,             
Monday, Jan. 26th
   GBK @ Montgomery Co.                       6:00/7:30
   MS.BBK @ East Carter                         5:30/6:30/7:30
Tuesday, Jan. 27th
     No Contests Scheduled
Wednesday, Jan. 28th
     GBK vs. Caverna @ ALL A CLASSIC (Frankfort)      10:00 a.m. 
     BBK vs. Riverside Christian                 6:00/7:30 (SENIOR NIGHT)
     Fr. BBK vs. Montgomery Co.               5:00
     MSBBK vs. East Carter                      5:30/6:30/7:30 (8th Grade Night)       

Thursday, Jan. 29th
     MSBBK game moved to Wednesday at East Carter request
Friday, Jan. 30th
    No Contests Scheduled
Saturday, Jan. 31st
    GBK @ Russell                                  6:00/7:30
     BBK @ Jackson City Showcase          3:00
    MSBBK @ Fairview (OVC SMALL SCHOOL Tournament)
              8th Grade vs.Wurtland                 12:30
              7th Grade vs.Raceland                  1:45
     TR @ Nutter Field House (UK)              12:30

Athletic Schedule (Feb. 2nd-Feb. 7th)

Date/Contests                                         Time,             
Monday, Feb. 2nd
   GBK @ Morgan Co.                              6:00 (V only)
   Fr.BBK vs. Estill Co.                             6:30
Tuesday, Feb. 3rd
     No Contests Scheduled
Wednesday, Feb. 4th
     Fr.BBK @ Rowan                               6:00 (District Tournament)
     MSBBK @ Fairview- 7th grade            6:30 (OVC Semifinals- if necessary)
Thursday, Feb. 5th
     BBK @ Rowan                                    6:00/7:30
Friday, Feb. 6th
     GBK vs. Rowan Co.                            6:00/7:30
     MSBBK @ Fairview- 8th grade            6:30 (OVC Semifinals- if necessary)
Saturday, Feb. 7th
    GBK vs. Paul Lawrence Dunbar           2:00/3:30
    BBK @ Raceland                               6:00/7:30
    Fr.GBK @ Rowan Co.                        10:00 a.m (Freshman Districts)
    MSBBK @ Fairview                             6:30 (OVC Semifinals- if necessary)


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