Athletic Schedule (March 23rd- March 28th)
Date/Contests                                            Time                                          
MondayMar. 23rd
    BA vs. Paris                                            6:00 (V only)
    SB @ East Carter                                   6:00/7:30                       
    MSBA @ Mason Co.                             5:30/6:30                        
   MSSOC vs. Powell                                  6:00/7:00  (B/G)    Cancelled          
TuesdayMar. 24th
     SB @ Fairview                                       6:00/7:30
     BA vs. Raceland.                                   5:30
     MSVB vs. Nicholas Co.                         6:00/7:30
     MSSOC @ Russell                                6:00 (Girls only) (was at home)
 WednesdayMar. 25th
BA @ Madison Southern            5:30/7:00 (V/JV) was scheduled for 3/26
ThursdayMar. 26th
   SB vs. Nicholas Co.                                  6:00/7:30 (V/JV)              
BA @ Madison Southern        5:30/7:00 (V/JV)  (rescheduled for 3/25)       MSVB vs. Raceland                                  6:00/7:00
  MSSOC @ Boyd Co.                                 5:30/7:00 (G/B)  Cancelled             FridayMar. 27th
TR @ Morgan Co.                                   5:30
   BA @ Fleming Co.                                  5:30
   SB vs. Elliot Co.                                       6:00 
SaturdayMar. 28th         
    BA @ Morgan Co.                                 Noon/1:30
   MSBA vs. West Carter                           1:00/2:30 

Athletic Schedule (March 30th- April 4th)
Date/Contests                                            Time                                          
MondayMar. 30th
    SB @ Bay Minette, Ala.                         TBA
TuesdayMar. 31st
     SB @ @ Bay Minette, Ala.                   BA
     MSSOC vs. Rowan Co.                         5:30/7:00                     
Wednesday, April 1st   
     SB @ Bay Minette, Ala.                         TBA

    BA vs. Menifee and Morgan                 5:30/7:30
Thursday, April 2nd
    TR @ Harrison Co.                                 5:30
FridayApril 3rd 
No Contests Scheduled
SaturdayApril 4th
MSBA @ Fairview



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