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Lorinda Jamison



Dear parents/guardians and students,

Due to the Covid 19 virus our school buildings are currently closed, however, the message below is now more important than ever!  Stay Safe!

“You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” ... Dr. Suess

Welcome to Crossroads Elementary! Where we Play~Believe and Achieve! Our faculty and staff having been working extremely hard this year to ensure that your student has an excellent year at CES! Each day students are provided with experiences, challenges and learning opportunities that provide them with superior preparation for the years to come!


Throughout a child's school experience, they will learn a great deal about many subjects. Reading is the single most important skill that a learner possesses because it is the gateway to all other learning. Without the ability to read, students cannot perform in school nor function in everyday life. Simply put, students must learn to read. 


As a parent, the best thing you can do to help an elementary student improve academically is to read with them. By putting a few strategies into action, you can make a significant contribution to your child's reading.

  • Make reading a positive experience by showing your excitement to read with your child.
  • When reading a book where the print is large, point word by word as you read. This will help your child learn that reading goes from left to right and understand that the word he or she says is the word he or she sees.
  • While reading, stop and ask questions about what is happening in the story and have your child predict what will happen next. 
  • Read your child's favorite book over and over again. This will provide positive reinforcement and your child will gain confidence as they are able to successfully recognize words. 
  • When you have finished reading, have your child retell what happened in the story.
  • If your child is already able to read fluently, simply listen to them read and discuss the story with them or read a higher level book to them.

Please continue to work with your child on the items mentioned above and never hesitate to communicate with your child's teacher or the administration with any questions or concerns. If your schedule permits, I encourage you to contact the school and inquire about becoming a volunteer and guest reader.  Students love to have guest readers in their classrooms! Thank you for trusting us with your children and feel free to stop by or contact me at 606-674-2101 if there is anything you need.


Mrs. Lorinda Rogers Jamison

Principal, Crossroads Elementary



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