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Contact Info:

Phone:  (606) 674-6325


Fax:  (606) 674-9188


                    M,W, F1  (A)                 T, Th, F2   (B)

8:05-8:40     Study Zone                  Study Zone

8:45-9:30     1st Pd. Biology A         1st Pd. Biology B

9:35-10:20    2nd Pd. Biology A       2nd Pd. Biology B

10:25-11:10  3rd Pd. Biology A        3rd Pd. Biology B

11:15-12:00  4th Pd. Biology A        4th Pd. Biology B

12:05-12:25  Lunch B                       Lunch B

12:30-1:15    5th Pd. Biology A        5th Pd. Biology B

1:20-2:05      6th Pd. Planning         6th Pd. Planning

2:05-2:20      Break                          Break

2:25-3:10      7th Pd. Biology A        7th Pd. Biology B


Congratulations, you found the homepage!  My Name is John Sheehan.  I was born and raised in Southeastern Indiana.  I currently hold both a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Teaching from Morehead State University.  This is my seventh year teaching at Bath County.  During my teaching career I have, at one time or another, taught Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics.  I consider myself to be a life-long learner and I love being able to help others to become the same.