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9th Grade Biology  

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  • To Reach Mr. Sheehan with questions or comments...

    If students need to ask me any questions, I am available every day from 9:00am until 3:00pm to answer emails.  I encourage every student to email me (even if it is just to say Hi!) 

    My email address is


  • Format for completed NTI work.

    Students are encouraged to print off the assignment pages and simply fill them out with their first and last name and the T, Th, F2 class period on each page.  If printing is not an option, then students may write the answers on a sheet of notebook paper Along with the assignment name (ex. NTI Biology Assignment #11) and the date. It is vital that students put their name on all work submitted to get credit for it. 

    Work will be graded for completeness (participation) and for content (formative assessment). Students are to fill out work neatly and use complete sentences where appropriate.

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