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10th Grade Health  View Blog

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Students will gain knowledge and skills they need to become and remain physically, socially, mentally and emotionally healthy as well as productive members of society.

  • Make Up and Retakes

    If you received a 60% or less on a formative assessment, you have until the summative assessment to retake the test. If you need to retake a summative assessment, you have until the next summative assessment to retake. For reinforcement, you need to write a 1 page paper explaining the information you need to know to earn a 85% on the retake.

    If you need to study past information on this website, click here to see those posts.

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  • Agenda 1/22

    Bell Ringer: Write a paragraph on what you think are the benefits of fitness. (5 min)


    • Introduction to the Learning Target: I can explain the benefits of fitness.(5 min)
    • Students will number off in their row depending on how many students are in the class. Students will get into their numbered groups and write 8 details about the learning target into their cluster sheet.
    • Cluster Web activity: (Materials- Textbook pgs. 318-323, pencil, cluster web worksheet) (30 min)
    • Students will then go back to their rows to share all the information they have written in their cluster web.
    • Closure and Review (5 min)
    Assign On: 1/22/2020
    Due: 2/7/2020
  • Agenda 1/17

    Bell Ringer: Study for today's formative assessment.


    • Complete formative assessment.
    • Make-up Work.
    • If you don't have any make-up work, work on the Chapter 12 Assessment on page 346-347, Questions 1-29.
    Assign On: 1/17/2020
    Due: 1/31/2020
  • Agenda 1/15

    Bell Ringer: Write the term for the following definitions:


    • The class will divide into groups of 3-5 (depending on how many students in class).
    • Each vocabulary station will have a list of vocabulary words.
    • The first student in the group will roll the dice and then use the first word in the list in his/her answer. The next student in the group will then roll and also use the first word in the list in his/her answer. Once all group members have used the first word, students can move on to the second word.
    • Once all students have used the second word, move on to the third, etc. Suggested time limit per student answer: 30 seconds to 1 minute.
    • Directions/game sheets are located at each station set up around the room. Definitions will be provided to check answers if needed.
    • There will be a formative assessment Friday.
    Assign On: 1/15/2020
    Due: 3/6/2020
  • Agenda 1/13

    Bell Ringer- List the term for each definition:


    • Using the terms create a 10 question matching test. (15 minutes)
    • Exchange with as many people as you can and complete their test. Use your own paper to answer the questions. 
    • After completing the test, make sure your answers are correct and you know the incorrect answers you need to study.
    • We will have another activity on Wednesday where we will review for Friday's Formative Assessment.
    Assign On: 1/13/2020
    Due: 2/7/2020
  • Agenda 1/8

    Bell Ringer: What do you do daily to stay physically active?


    • Complete the Physical Activity and Fitness definitions.
    • If you have finished your definitions, complete Reviewing Facts and Vocabulary on pages 323, 330, 336 & 343.
    • Turn in the definitions and questions at the end of class today.
    • 1st and 7th period will complete their Health Semester Exam at the beginning of class.
    Assign On: 1/8/2020
    Due: 1/31/2020
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