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Welcome to Biochemistry!  


In this class, students will learn basic chemistry concepts and how they play a role in the structure and function of all living organisms.  For example, we will discuss the reasons that atoms bond to form the molecules needed for life and apply that knowledge to the function of those molecules in all living organisms. 

  • Have a GREAT summer!

    I hate that our school year ended like this!  I miss you all and hope you have a great summer!

  • NTI Assignments April 6 - 17!

    Hello!  I hope you are all doing well!  I have uploaded your next set of NTI assignment on my Google classroom, but I am also going to place them on here in case you haven't been able to join the classroom.  You may complete these assignments on your own paper.  If you do so, please take a picture of your answers and email them to me.   If you have any questions as you work through them, please feel free to contact me!

  • Google Classroom

    Please join my Google classroom by going to and entering the class code:  4tpotoh. 

  • Review Games!

    Hello!  I've added a couple of review games for you to try!  Go to and put in the following codes:

     - For review of proteins: 733808

     - For review of nucleic acids: 329738

  • NTI Days!

    As you all know, our school will be observing non-traditional instruction for March 16 - 27.  Then, we are off for Spring Break!

    I have created a folder (at right) titled "NTI" and placed all of your assignments in it.  As you work through these assignments, please remember that some of the information might refer to units we have already covered.  Resources for much of this can also be found in the Biological Molecules folder.  

    If you have any questions as you work, please feel free to email me!  I'll be glad to help! 

    Thanks!  Stay well! 

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