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Integrated Social Studies B  

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Geography offers a curriculum that enables students to explore how geographic features, human relationships, political and social structures, economics, science and technology, and the arts have developed and influenced life in countries around the world. Along the way, students are given instruction on how to read maps, charts, and graphs. The course also emphasizes the perspectives of minority groups while allowing students from all backgrounds to better understand and appreciate how race, culture and ethnicity, and identity contribute to their experiences.

  • Google Classroom Codes

    Each student has been sent an invitation to join my Google Classroom. The following are the codes for each of my Integrated Social Studies B classes.

    2nd Period - i3vu22l

    4th Period - 53t4xen

    6th Period - fxcndi4

    Flex Period Class - vh5sc42

  • Welcome!

    Hello everyone! I am excited to have each of you as important members of our Integrated Social Studies classes. I know that you all have questions and concerns as to how this semester and year will unfold. I have several of those same questions. I would like nothing more than to have all of you for in-person instruction. I definitely prefer face to face interaction for instruction. That being said, I am confident that we can all have an effective, as well as enjoyable semester, whether we stay virtual or move back to in-person instruction. It will definitely require focus, effort, and dedication on everyone’s part. Our district has invested in effective educational resources that we will all be utilizing. I truly look forward to spending the next several weeks as your instructor. 

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