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  • 9/18/20

    Please do the following in order:

    1)  Acceleration formative assessment in Google Classroom.
    2)  Finish the Instructional videos and the Summary over acceleration in Edgenuity.  You are not required to take notes.

    Assign On: 9/18/2020
    Due: 10/2/2020
  • 9/16/20 -9/17/20
    1. Watch slides 7-12 on Acceleration in Edgenuity, you do not have to take notes.
    2. Complete my Interactive Google Slides presentation.  Follow the directions in the presentation as to taking notes.  The SchoolTube video is provided if you need to see extra examples.  
    3. Complete the practice.  The assessment over acceleration will be tomorrow.
    Assign On: 9/16/2020
    Due: 9/30/2020
  • 9/14/20 -9/15/20
    1. Complete the Warm-up and Slides 1-6 In Edgenuity (you do not have to take notes) for an overview of Acceleration.
    2. Watch the teacher-made Google Slide presentation in Google Classroom and take notes (write down what is underlined).
    Assign On: 9/14/2020
    Due: 9/29/2020
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