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Peer tutoring is a credited elective class for students without disabilities to gain experience working with same-aged students with severe cognitive and physical disabilities in an educational setting.  Peer tutoring increases access to the general curriculum and to all of the activities of a typical high school student for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Peer tutoring allows for positive social interactions and social relationships to develop between students with and without severe disabilities.


          There are many reasons to become a peer tutor.  If you are a people person, you will enjoy peer tutoring.  While being a peer tutor, you will get to help, interact, and learn with so many different people.  The information you gain from this experience can help you in the future.

             If you are thinking about becoming a teacher or entering any educational related field, peer tutoring can be right for you.  Regardless of what area of teaching you are thinking about going into, you will be working with people with disabilities.

            If you are thinking of going into the medical field, peer tutoring can be a very valuable as well.  Students with disabilities often have medical issues that affect their education.  These are just a few examples of how peer tutoring can relate to your future.


            While in the peer tutoring course, students without disabilities will learn about different cognitive and physical disabilities, different learning styles, instructional and motivational techniques, and careers in the special education fields.  Peer tutors will learn characteristics of being a good role model, as well as helping some of their peers learn everyday skills.  Peer tutors will help students with disabilities set goals, monitor their progress, and reach their intended outcomes.  The day-to-day activity of a peer tutor can certainly change, depending on the student with whom the peer tutor is working and what is scheduled for that day.  The peer tutor could go to a regular education classroom, go on Community-Based Instruction (CBI), go to the job site, go on a field trip, or eat lunch with the students with disabilities.  Everyday will prove different!


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    Hello to all Peer Tutors.  I will be using my web site to post any announcements or messages I need to communicate to you.  Today take a look at the website and become familiar with it.  Thank You

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    Your assignment today is to submit an assignment to me as a test.  Go into word and type:

    Hello Ms. Holbrook,

    This is xxxxxxx, peer tutor, sending you my test assignment. 

    Ten bonus points will be given for this assignment.  Thank You Ms. Holbrook

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