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Animal Science  

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Students in the Animal Science Class will receive hands on experience and classroom learning about the livestock industry and the role it plays in the futre.

Students will do the following activities:

2. Careers
3. Safety Unit
4. Beef Unit
5. Dairy Unit
6. Equine Unit
7. Poultry Unit
8. Swine Unit
9. Aquaculture Unit
10. Sheep Unit
11. Goat Unit
12. Swine Lab.
13. Beef Lab.
14. Animal Science Math Unit
15. KOSSA Review
16. Meats Unit
17. Barn Unit: Beef cattle and Swine
18. Farm Maintenance: Clean Fence (Weed eat, Mow)
19. Livetsock Judging Unit (MSU Field Day)

  • Swine Project 2020

    On Monday July 6, 2020 the Animal Science Class will have the Fall swine group to manage. Students will be incharge of Feeding, Cleaning, Weighing. The total number of pigs for the Fall semester is twelve head. 

  • Pig Sale 2019

    The Bath County FFA will be selling the twelve pigs on Saturday November 23, 2019 at the Mt. Sterling Stockyards.

  • Cattle Sale 2019

    On November 9, 2019 the Bath County FFA will be selling the five feeder heifers at the Mt. Sterling Stockyards.

  • 2019 Swine

    The pigs have been at the Ag. Building since July. We have twelve feeder pigs for the fall semester that will be sold in November at the Bluegrass Stockyards.

    All students will be working with the pigs this semester doing the following activities; Feeding, Cleaning, Weighing the pigs weekly for our records.

  • Lab: Swine and Cattle

    With cooler weather over the next few weeks students can bring a jacket and leave in my office or room for the days we will be outside working with the animals.

  • Livestock Judging Practice

    On Monday November 16, 2017 anyone wanting to practice for the Livestock Judging Team will need to stay after school from 4pm until 5pm.

    Judging will involve Swine, Cattle, and Sheep

  • Surplus Auction

    On Monday November 16, 2017 unitl Friday November 20, 2017 we will be working on moving surplus items for the surplus auction from the Ag. Barn.

  • Livestock General Work

    Students will be expected to complete the following activities during the time the animals are at the barn. (Cleaning, Unloading Feed, Spreading Bedding, Cleaning Stalls, Watering, Feeding, Weed eating, Mowing, and Fence Repair)

    Students can leave work clothing in the Classroom or in my office.

  • Livestock (Beef)

    Students will be caring for the cattle during class each day such as;feeding watering, giving shots and tags when needed.

    Student will also help keep the barn area clean and mown during class time.

  • Livestock (Beef)

    Each Friday of the week all of the beef cattle will be weighed. This will be used to keep daily weight gain. All weights will be logged into a document by the class and discussed during class time.

  • Livestock (Swine)

    Students can leave work boots and clothes in my office during the week if they would like.

  • Livestock (Swine)

    The Swine (Porcine) will be taken care of during the Animal Science Class each day. Dailey work will be as follows; Feeding, Cleaning

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