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Students in the Greenhouse Class will receive hands on experience  operating a greenhouse business. Students will engage in classroom learning as well as real life working experience of Sowing, Planting, Growing, and Selling bedding plants.

Students will participate in the following activities:

1. FFA/SAEP Unit
2. Careers Unit
3. Greenhouse Lab Unit
4. Classroom activities
5. Plant I.D Unit
6. Greenhouse Math Unit
7. Greenhouse Safety Unit
8. KOSSA Review
9. Plant Anatomy Unit
10. Soils Unit
11. Greenhouse Maintenance Unit
12. Greenhouse Sales Unit
13. Pest Management Unit
14. Greenhouse Structures Unit
15. Power Tool Safety Unit
16.Plant Propagation Unit
17. Greenhouse Crops Unit
18. Fertilizer Unit
19. Greenhouse Build Project

  • FFA Greenhouse 2021

    The greenhouse has already preordered 1000 Boston Ferns for the spring semester.

  • Greenhouse Final Exam Study Guide

    The Greenhouse Final Exam will be passed out on 5/2/2018 to all classes. Students will be able to use Cell Phone, Computer, Greenhouse Book, and each other to complete the Greenhouse Final Study Guide.

  • Greenhouse/ Mowing

    Students will be taking the Lawnmower Safety test this week to be able to help mow the school grounds and the school farm. All students must earn a 100% on the test to be able to mow.

  • Greenhouse Retakes on Assessments

    Students who want or need to take a Retake need to do those at the beginning of class any day of the week. Retakes will be given at the start of class due to the fact we will be in the greenhouse each day during the second part of class.

  • KOSSA 2018

    Three times a week we will be in the Ag. Department Lab working on KOSSA for the upcoming test. Students will log onto the KOSSA testing site provided to us from the Department of Ag.

    Students will work on a 25 question test covering the following KOSSA testing areas.

    1. Horticulture
    2. Animal Science
    3. Ag. Construction and Mechanics
  • Greenhouse Classes

    Any student wishing to leave work clothes at the Ag. Building for when we are working in the greenhouse and lab can do so. I will lock them up in the storage room for you.

    We will begin mixing soil to start planting flowers beginning Wed. 21, 2018

  • Greenhouse Prices

    Bedding Plants $1.00 1801 Cell Container
    Hanging Baskets $10.00 10" Basket
    Geraniums $3.00 each 606
    Vegetables $1.00 each 1801

  • Greenhouse

    All checks should be made out to;Bath County High School

  • Greenhouse Classes

    The mowing and weed eating will be over the following areas; Ag. Building, Greenhouses, Garage, Barn, Road Fence, Practice Football Field, High School.

  • Greenhouse Classes

    The Formative and Summative Assessments can be found in the Mower Safety Unit Folder.

  • Greenhouse Classes

    All students will cover the Mower Safety Unit Notes, and John Deere Video during class and must pass with a Grade of 3 before being able to use the mowers.

  • Greenhouse Classes

    Students will be mowing, weedeating during these classes as well. Please bring heavy shoes and jeans for working around the Ag. Building.

  • Greenhouse Price Sheet 2017

    The prices for the Spring Sales are posted under the Title Greenhouse Plant Sales Unit. Please take time and look over them so that you will know the prices of each of the various items we will have for sale this year.

  • Greenhouse Sales

    The greenhouse will open at 8:40am and will Close at 2:50pm each day.

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