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FACS Essentials Class  

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FACS Essentials Class is the first class that students should take if they are interested in the Culinary and Food Service Pathway or Fundamentals of Teaching pathway. This class will help you to become a self-sufficient person. You will be learning the skills needed to survive as productive citizen. 

Class Assignments
  • NTI Packet #2

    FACS Essentials students,

    I apologize for my contents of packet #2 not be in the correct order.  The first document you need to click on is the NTI instructions.  This handout will explain all assignments.  Each assignment is listed and it also has an alternate assignment if you would rather do it.  I have also noticed when I click on some of the handouts that some of the stuff is spaced out and does not look my original.... but they will work :)

    You can email ( all questions or concerns you have and I will do my best to help you.

    *** Be sure to identify the lesson with its correct title and what number it is 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. I

     know right now things are stressful and you have a lot of school work to complete.  PLEASE do not stress over this packet... I just request you do your very best!  I miss each of you and hope to see you soon!  

  • Foods Lab

    November 13th and 14th

    Day One of Foods Lab:

    Today the students will make homemade biscuits and complete a formative assessment over their lab. 

    Lt 25- I can read and follow a recipe.
    Lt 26- I can measure correctly.
    Lt 27- I can follow safety and sanitation rules.
    Lt 28- I can evaluate a food.
    Lt 29- I can use my class time wisely and thoroughly clean up. 


  • time and temperature control

    9/30/19 and 10/1/19

    Bell ringer- study for your formative assessment over LT 7-9.

    Learning Targets:
    LT 7- I can identify why foods need time and temperature control.
    LT 8- I can identify common TCS foods.
    LT 9- I can identify how to measure the temperature in foods. 

    Formative assessment- trade/grade

    Lesson- How to be sure food is received safe and storing TCS foods safely- power point presentation.


  • Class requirements

    All students enrolled in FACS Essentials need to have 3 ringed binder or a folder with prongs to use for an interactive notebook. 

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