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Child Development Services I  

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Child Care Services I provides training for entry-level positions in early childhood educational programs.  Students study professionalism, employability skills, child growth and development, health, safety and nutrition, learning environments and curriculum, child assessment, program management and evaluation as well as family and community partnerships. The subject content is reinforces with work experience in a variety of child care establishments. 

  • School Age Child Care

    November 13, 2019 - one hour delay

    Students will ride a bus to OES and visit Willie Mae Jone's preschool classroom.  All students will participate in the different centers. 

    Closure- personal reflection. 

  • 5 Developmental domains

    September 30, 2019

    Bell ringer- Please have your 5 developmental domains you viewed in "Daddy Day Care" out and get ready to discuss. 
    If you were absent on Friday, come see me now for a make-up assignment. 

    Learning Target

    LT 3- I can identify the 5 Developmental Domains of Early 

    *Discussion of that an appropriate lesson plan looks like. 

    Students will work in small groups to prepare age appropriate lesson plans for pre-school aged children. Lessons must be centered around the 5 developmental domains. 

    (Students will use chrome books for this assignment)


  • Theorists
  • Child Development Theorists

    September 13, 2019

    Bell ringer- Students will read the handout "Child Protective Services and explain the responsibilities of caseworkers for CPS.  Discussion

    Learning Targets:

    LT 1- I can identify the 5 principles of Development.
    LT 2- I  can identify 9 Child Development theorists and their theories.
    Students will complete a study guide over the 9 child development theorist.

    Students will work in groups of 3 and design games over LT 1 and Lt 2.  Students will prepare instructions for the game and  play it one time through for accuracy.


  • bell ringer/ agenda
  • Course Syllabus
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