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World History  

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World History is an in depth look at European history and how it has affected the world.  We will begin with Renaissance, Reformation and Exploration and continue into the mid 1950's.  


    In our faculty meeting today we were told to simplify for ROUND 3 work... so here is my solution...  You can choose one of the following choices.

    1. You can continue to do questions for each section.

    2. You can continue to do a summary of each section

    3. You can choose to do a mix of questions and summaries


    4. You can choose one topic that  you are most interested in for WWII and/or Holocaust to write a well written 3-4 page paper about.  It must have research (generic citations... not looking for a college citation.) and must be well organized.  


    I you have questions... as always feel free to email me.

    Miss you all bunches!

    Mrs. Mineer

  • NTI Round 2 Explained

    This video is a short introduction and explanation of the next four weeks.  



    I know we are all just getting adjusted to NTI schedule and looking forward to time off at Spring Break.  I am going to go ahead and share the new assignments with you. 


    Like last time, the book work is the only REQUIRED assignments, but there will be links to optional things you may be interested in as well as movie and book suggestions.

    For the book work, you can choose to do the questions as they are in the book, or to write a summary that is detailed enough to know the terms.  You don't have to do all of the assignments one way or the other... you can mix it up and do one section as questions and another as a summary... it is up to you.  You are welcome to include other information that goes with the section as well!  

    I highly recommend watching some of the supplemental videos... it will help the material make sense!

    Hope you are well.  Miss you all bunches!


    ALL THIS WORK IS DUE FOR MAY 1st due Date.

  • Russian Revolution

    A longer (better) video on The Russian Revolution (~10 mins)




  • Russian Revolution

    Simple History ~ 3 minute video to explain the Russian Revolution

  • WWI Resources on PBS


    The Great War Free resources on PBS


    The COSTS of WWI

    Remember to watch videos that go with the topic.  The Shell Shock one is really good... just fair warning about the "F" bomb at the end when they read the court transcripts.




  • WWI US Involvement

    Third Video WWI US Involvement


  • VIDEO 2

    Second Video on Trench Warfare and Weapons



    First Video... CAUSES OF WWI




    For the NTI assignment, click the link and go to the last 5 slides for assignments, links and suggestions.    YouTube links to my teaching videos will be uploaded as of Monday March 16.


    If you need anything... feel free to email me or message me.

  • 9-27


    Daily Link to bell work, learning target and agenda

  • Fall 2019

    Welcome to my online classroom.  Here you will find reading guides, notes and other helpful tools to use as you complete World History.  Feel free to email me at any time if you have questions.  

  • 12-01-17 FINAL STUDY GUIDE

    As we discussed in class, the new social studies accountability is in the area of civics.  You must score a 60 or higher to graduate.  Your final will be 100 questions from the Citizenship Test. Go ahead and study!!!  The study guide is under "Class Handouts" in the Files/Links Box to the Right.  If you need help, just ask!


    Your final will be on Friday, December 15 in your class period.


  • Friday -Tuesday

    BR: Finish LUTHER movie.

    LT: I can explain the roots of the Protestant Reformation. (UNIT 1)

    *Finish movie

    *Notes on Protestant Reformation

    * Formative Assessment on Luther Thursday and PR on Friday

  • Thursday September 7, 2017

    BR: Be ready to continue Luther today.  Have out your movie guide and discuss what we saw yesterday so we can move on today.  
    LT:  I can explain the roots of the Protestant Reformation (Unit 1)

    1. Review previous content

    2. Continue Movie Guide: Luther

  • Wednesday Sept 6, 2017

    1. Bellringer : If you were here yesterday, get out your Protestant Reformation notes.  Read over and be ready to review.  
    LT:  I can explain the roots of the Protestant Reformation. (Unit 1)
    2. Renaissance Quiz Returned.  (get a pass if you have not taken it!)
    3. Continue Protestant Reformation
    4. Movie : Luther (permission slips)

  • Sub Day

    I am sorry I have to be out today.  I have a sick four year old with a stomach virus.


    Today, you will be doing the preliminary work for the Age of Imperialism.  When I return (hopefully tomroow), we will tie Imperialism to the Industrial Revolution.  


    For today... do the book work on "The roots of Western Imperialism."  I do not have a book at home to look up the page number, but our last section ended on 405... so it is after that.  Feel free to use the table of contents to find the section.  Then read the section and answer the terms and short answers.  You do not have to do the very last question.


    I'll hopefully return tomorrow!

    Thanks- Mrs Mineer

  • Week of 9/19-9/23

    * Monday- Northern Renaissance Quiz & Study Guide for test Wednesday

    * Tuesday- Review Game Trashketball

    * Wednesday- Summative over Reformation, Renaissance and Scientific Revolution

    *Thursday- Begin English Monarchy

    * Friday- Continue English Monarchy (Edward, Mary, Elizabeth)


    **** Remember ALL retakes and Make up work/quizzes must be completed before the SUMMATIVE WEDNESDAY!

  • Week 8-22/8-26

    This week we are taking "Protestant Reformation" notes.  They are saved in the files for this class (PowerPoint).

    We have also taken our first quiz last Friday (Civilization and Scientific Revolution)  If you missed or if you need to do a retake... be sure to see me.

    We are currently watching "Luther" and will finish the movie either late Wednesday or first thing Thursday depending on our discussion.  Afterwards we will continue our Protestant Reformation Notes and take a quiz either Friday or Monday as time permits.

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