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Culinary Arts I  

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Culinary Arts I is an introductory course to commercial kitchen basics.  Students learn the basics of safety and sanitation, equipment and tools, and food preparation in a commercial kitchen setting.  The ServSafe Manager's curriculum will be covered in this class to prepare students to work in the commercial culinary lab.  *Due to constraints by the National Restaurant Association, I am NOT allowed to post the ServSafe PowerPoint or resources on my teacher webpage.  If a student misses class, you must come see me to have access to what we did in class.

Some catering events are incorporated into the curriculum to give students experience at menu planning and cooking for large groups of people.  

To be eligible to enroll in this class, students should have taken FACS Essentials (Life Skills) and Foods & Nutrition.  This class is a requirement for students seeking to be a completer in the Culinary & Food Services Pathway.


  • NTI Packet #3

    The new round of NTI packets run from April 20th through May 1st.  If you are accessing the packet through this webpage, please email me your completed work!  If you cannot email it to me, then write it on your own paper and turn it in at the school or when the bus comes to drop off food.  NTI packet drop offs take place every Monday and Thursday at the school.

  • Important Announcement from Mrs. Erwin!

    We are currently collecting the first round of NTI packets.  These packets were given to all students on the last day we attended school on Friday, March 13th.

    Students can drop off their first round NTI packets on Mondays and Thursdays at the front entrance of the building between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

    Remind students to put their names and  their teacher's name on each class packet.

    If the student can not make it to the building to drop off packets they can get the packets to the school by one of the following:

      1) Give to Bus Drivers as they deliver meals on Mondays and Thursday

     2)  Scan documents and email to teachers directly or submit via Google Classroom (if the teacher has a google classroom set up for their classes)

      3)  Mail packet to school at 645 Chenault Drive Owingsville, KY  40360

      4)  Call the school at 674-6325 to arrange a pick up 


    If the student has internet access they will need to go to their teachers' webpages or Google Classroom to access the 2nd round packets.  If they do not have a printer, they can use their own paper and write down their answers.  Make sure students write the following on their paper:

        1) Name 

         2) Teacher's Name

         3)  Name of Class

         4)  NTI Packet 2- Week April 6th through 20th

  • 3/26/2020

    Hello!  The next round of NTI has been downloaded into the NTI Packet folder.  This does not need to be started until April 6th, but if you would like something to do - it's there.  This packet is due on April 17th.  Please email your assignments when they are completed!  If you have any problems opening the assignment, please let me know!

    Stay safe and healthy!

  • 3/19/2020 - NTI Packet

    I hope everyone is doing well!  

    If you have completed any of your assignments from my packet, go ahead and send those to me through email.  You can take pictures of completed assignments (if on your own paper) and send those to me or type them into a document to send to me.


  • Library Newsletter

    Mrs. Johnson is creating library newsletters!  This link will provide you with access to the newsletter and include information about free ebooks that can be available to you!  Click the following link for this information:


  • NTI Packet

    If you are looking for the NTI Packet for this class...  Look under the Files/Links heading click on NTI Packet folder!

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