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The Concert Band class meets daily during 1st/2nd Block. Beginning in 2019-2020, this band serves as a launching pad for students who are either new to band, coming back to band after years off, or for current band students in Symphonic Band who want to learn a secondary instrument or work on their own instrument at a beginning level. Beyond 2020, this band may serve as another band similar to the Symphonic Band, but working at a different pace and/or difficulty level.

  • NTI Instructions Days 1-10 during Corona Virus "Social Distancing" Time

    Obtain NTI information for this class from the Symphonic Band Class Link.


    Band Learning Targets

    1. I can play with a resonant tone
    2. I can control and maintain my tone with air
    3. I can play a clear tone
    4. I can play with a focused sound
    5. I can consistently play with a good tone
    6. I can play with a warm tone

    1. I can play each note within my range in tune.
    2. I can play in tune within an ensemble.

    1. I can play with rhythmic accuracy.
    2. I can play each note and rest for its full value (duration)
    3. I can maintain a proper pulse and steadiness within the written meter.

    1. I can blend my sound into the qualities of the ensemble.
    2. I can develop an understanding and awareness of the ensemble and the different parts being played.
    3. I can determine whether I am playing melody, counter-melody, or accompaniment.

    1. I can attack and release each note together with the ensemble.
    2. I can control the sound within the full range of my instrument.
    3. I can play my instrument with proper musical and mechanical skill.

    1. I can develop an understanding of style within each piece of music
    2. I can play and breathe with proper phrasing
    3. I can maintain and change tempo when required by the music.
    4. I can follow and play properly all dynamic markings
    5. I can follow and play properly all articulation markings
    6. I can involve emotion into my playing.

    1. I can maintain my uniform and appearance to meet high standards for performance.
    2. I can be professional during rehearsals and performances.
    3. I can play my instrument with proper posture.
    4. I can play my music memorized when required.
    5. I can play my part at a mastery level alone or in a group.
    6. I can develop good practice habits to achieve mastery of all above learning targets.

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