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History of Rock and Roll  

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The History of Rock and Roll class meets on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 2 during 3rd/4th Block. This class is a history class that explores rock and roll music beginning at its roots all the way through the present. Of particular interest are the musicians, their music, and the social/cultural issues and ideas that contributed to the music, and to which the music contributed.  

  • NTI Round 3 - History of Rock and Roll

    NTI Round 3 - History of Rock and Roll


  • Learning Targets 1-4

    Learning Targets

    • Learning Target 1: I can identify and explain the importance of specific early Rock musicians


    • Learning Target 2: I can explain dates and events in early Rock and Roll


    • Learning Target 3: I can identify and explain about specific early rock and roll songs

    Learning Target 4: I can explain cultural / Societal issues that affected the development of Rock and Roll

  • Notes and listening list for 8/15/19

    •1940’s - 1950's Rhythm and Blues (R&B)  African-American Musicians

    •“Race” Music or “Race” Records

    •Rock and Roll – combinations of Rhythm and Blues and Country

    •“First” rock and roll song – Delta 88 – Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats (w/ Ike Turner) – 1951

    •Recorded at Memphis Recording Service (Sun Studios / Sun Records) – Recorded Sam Phillips

    •Another “First” rock and roll song – “Rock Around the Clock” Bill Haley & His Comets – 1954

    •Little Richard – “Tutti Frutti” – 1955

    •Chuck Berry – “Maybellene” – 1955

    •Elvis Presley – “Heartbreak Hotel” 1956

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