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This exciting, dual-credit course is very hands on and is all done on the computer.  Students will use a variety of software to learn about personal finance and the generally accepted accounting principles. It is self-paced with teacher guidance.  We will be using standards-based grading in this classroom.

  • Monday, August 24, 2020Monday, August 24, 2020

    Welcome Back Everyone!

    If you are enrolled in Accounting (ACT 101), please join my Google classroom.

    Code to join:  


    See you in the Google classroom!

  • April 20-May 4

    Here is your project for April 20-May 4.

    How Has COVID-19 Affected Local Businesses?

    Hope you are doing well! E-mail me with any questions:

  • March 26, 2020

    Hello All!

    I hope each of you is healthy, as well as your families!

    From April 6-April 17, you will need to do the following:

    Log onto:

    After successfully logging in, search for "source." 

    During Week 1 (April 6-10), you will need to complete the source documents for Chapter 4.  Search "source" and select "4-S Source Documents."

    During Week 2 (April 13-17), you will need to complete the source documents for Chapter 9. (9-S Source Documents or Using Source Documents 9S.  It's worded in two different ways)

    As always, if you need any help at all, feel free to e-mail me!


  • March 13, 2020March 13, 2020

    Greetings All! Note: You may use the blog at the top of this web page to post comments, questions, etc.

    Over the next couple of weeks, you'll be learning more about the field of accounting!

    Week 1 Learning Targets:  I understand the various careers associated with the field of accounting. I understand the skills and classes that will help me be successful in accounting.

    Week 2 Learning Targets:  I understand credit and how to use it wisely.  I understand the different financial services, including checking and savings accounts.

    Week 1, Day 1--You get your choice of looking at the Start Here Go Places Issue 6 (How a career business and accounting can take you just about anywhere) OR Issue 7-Where to? A career in accounting can take you there)

    Issue 6 Booklet click here

    Issue 6 Questions to answer click here

    Issue 7 Booklet click here

    Issue 7 Questions to answer click here

    Week 1, Day 2--Please take a look at issue 8 of Start Here Go Places--Quick Catches Lead to Big Fish. 

    Issue 8 Booklet click here

    Issue 8 questions to answer, click here

    Week 2, Day 1.  You will need to review credit. Please read, review, and complete all activities included within the unit.

    Unit 4--Credit, Using it Wisely

    Week 2, Day 2 You will need to the different financial services unit.  Please read, review, and complete all activities included within the unit.

    Unit 5--Your Money, Keeping it Safe

  • All Future Bellwork

    We began using the Aplia website and will continue using it until we move over to MindTap. Please log in to your account. 

    Log onto the Aplia website.

    Course key:  F8BA-SYSW-VQSS

    Learning Target:  I understand the accounting equation:

    Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity

  • Welcome Back!Welcome Back!

    Announcements and Bell Work

    Welcome back to school and welcome to ACT 101!

    Hopefully, you are ready to learn more about the field of business and how the financial records are managed.


    Today, you will be exploring some of the resources that we will be using in class.

    You will need to complete the following survey:

    Learning Targets

    I understand how to use the classroom website.

    I understand some of the resources we will be using in class.

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