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Criminal Investigations   

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This course is designed as an elective class for those students that are thinking about pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field. This class focuses on the investigations behind the crimes. We will discuss the history of investigation (from fingerprinting to DNA analysis). This course is primarily a hands-on learning course due to the required skill-out nature of most assignments (arrest procedures, identification, interrogation, Crime Scene Analysis, etc). 

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    The makeup folder with be to the left of this box and will contain activities/assignments after they have been assigned in class. It is your responsibility to check with the Class Designated Officer for that day, check the folder and then ask for clarification if you need it. 

  • Disclaimer

    The Criminal Justice courses at Bath County High School may contain sensitive or graphic material due to the nature of each course. Each class allows students the opportunity to practice with real life cases and true stories, some of which are graphic and unimaginable. Students have the opportunity to research a criminal of their choosing for one of the Summative Assignments. 

    Students are sent home with permission slips at the beginning of each year required to be returned signed by parent/guardians. If at any time, a student or parent is uncomfortable with any material presented in class or as homework, they are encouraged to see Ms. Ferrell for clarification, alternate assignment, or another solution. 

    The series we will be watching throughout the Intro to CJ class is Making a Murderer, available on Netflix. We will also be watching various CNN news casts, Biography channel documentaries, The disappearance of Crystal Rogers, Dateline episodes, 20/20 episodes, and various YouTube videos of current events on the news. 

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    Every day the PowerPoint will appear and will contain the Bell Work, Agenda and learning target for the day. 

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