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Introduction to Criminal Justice 2020-2021  

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This course is 1 of 4 required courses for the Law Enforcement Homeland Security pathway. This course is designed for students who are thinking about pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field. It is an introductory course for those students seeking to pursue a post-secondary degree in Criminal Justice, complete law enforcement academy after graduation or simply want to learn more about the Criminal Justice system and careers within. This course is a hands-on learning experience with different ways to apply knowledge through group work, lab projects, and skill-out assignments. In this class, you will be able to complete a fingerprint lab with ink, fingerprint lab with powder. You will also be taking a role as a court participant during our mock trial unit. In addition, there will be various cold case assignments and research projects related to actual cases asking you to examine evidence.




The Criminal Justice courses at Bath County High School may contain sensitive or graphic material due to the nature of each course. Each class allows students the opportunity to practice with real life cases and true stories, some of which are graphic and unimaginable. Students have the opportunity to research a criminal of their choosing for one of the Summative Assignments. Students also have the opportunity to look at crime scene evidence, examine terrorist attacks, training simulations including training with firearms (plastic guns), gun safety with plastic training guns, officer safety (using vests & safety materials) and various hands-on activities (interrogation techniques, arrest procedures).  Students will have the opportunity to participate in several lab projects using sensitive case materials (hair & fiber, blood spatter, tire treads, etc.). If at any time, a student or parent is uncomfortable with any material presented in class or as homework, they are encouraged to see Mrs. Highley for clarification, alternate assignment, or another solution. 

It is MANDATORY that each parent sign the disclaimer part of the Permission Slip (to be sent home on syllabus). The Media Use and Documentary/Movie use included in your syllabus is up to you on how you answer.


  • Checking in!

    Hi students! I hope you are having a great first week back to school. I wanted to do a quick recap in case you had questions or concerns about what you needed to be doing for my classes this week

    . Use this checklist to see if you have completed everything :) *Join Google Classroom

    *Join Remind 101 with cell phone/tablet if you have one

    *Read through all announcements posted for class and/or watch videos with announcements

    *Open the Student Survey & take it in Google Forms

    *Open the Syllabus Quiz & take it in Google Forms (syllabus attached to assignment)

    *Open Week 1 Assignment list- View Introduction video *Complete Wednesday-Friday work by viewing the SEL PowerPoint (attached to assignment)

    *Complete writing prompts on Google docs/slides

    *Complete "I can't imagine life without..." assignment in google docs/slides

    *Complete "Vision Board" Assignment in Google docs/slides

    **ALL assignments should be shared with Mrs. Highley via whatever format you choose before August 29. You can attach multiple assignments to the Week 1 submission if you prefer or you can share them individually to my email. ALL work I have received up to this point has been graded. I have left comments on most submissions. If you are going to continue with one document/one slideshow, please re-share the Google Doc/Slide with me so that I can get a notification and so that I can grade the rest of the assignments. Have a great rest of your week! Contact me if you have ANY questions.

  • Clever Information

    Students, we will be using Clever this year to make it easier for our students with the multiple programs that we will be using and login information due to virtual learning. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Clever. I have added apps and links to make it easier for you to find what you need. After you log in the first time, this will allow you to use one sign on for multiple apps and links! *This may tell you the video is unavailable, click "view on youtube" to watch this video*


  • REMIND 101

    If you have a device that receives text messages, it is very important that you join my Remind class. The link is below. This allows me to send you class updates, assignment information, and check-in with you quickly! If you have never used Remind, follow this link. Create an account and begin joining classes!

    Class Code- Introduction to Criminal Justice--> af6fach


  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Code: zdjdjr7

    Google Classroom will be used for the first 2-3 weeks of this course as primary means to distribute information and assignments. This course is a DUAL CREDIT course. 3 hours of college credit will be awarded after successful completion of the course. BLACKBOARD will be utilized after MCTC registers all students. Mrs. Highley will update students and detail how to register and how to use Blackboard when MCTC provides this information. 


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